Arriving after a long haul flight & having my rucksack lost upon arrival as the airline left it in Singapore. It was a rather unfortunate start, though as someone who doesn’t like to worry much I didn’t let this get me down.  I sorted it with the airline & scheduled to have it delivered to my accommodation, with this in hand I carried on with my first few days in Thailand.




It all started in Bangkok, meeting new people & exploring the streets of this vibrant city. Walking through the city I found myself constantly pestered by sales people for tailored suits, rip off items of clothing, watches & tourist attractions. By night, the sale pitches transformed into offering me laughing gas, ping pong & lady boy shows.



Elephant Camp


Following Bangkok we headed north towards Chang Mai & spent a few days feeding, washing & riding elephants. It was a great experience & lots of fun; they’re not as comfortable to ride as one may think!



Chang Mai


Once we left the elephant camp we stayed in the heart of Chang Mai, it was here where we spent a lot of our time & personally was one of my favourite places. Whilst here we visited the famous Chang Mai markets, watched Muay Thai boxing & visited the controversial tiger kingdom.   During our time here, we also trekked the jungle for 2 days where we stayed on top of a mountain in a giant wooden hut with locals.





From Chang Mai we travelled back down to Bangkok to stay another couple of nights before travelling to Ayutthaya which is home to some amazing temples & lots of traditional monks.



Ko Toa


It was time to hit the beaches & the islands, I spent 9 days on the very small island of Ko Toa, a great place & the perfect island to party but also relax. Lots of restaurants, gorgeous views & beach bars, the entertainment at night mainly focused on fire shows.



Ko Pha Ngan


My final destination before heading back up to Bangkok for my flight to Australia was Ko Pha Ngan, unfortunately due to the martial law that was implemented during May 2014 the island went very quiet. Despite this, it gave us time to enjoy the scenery, visit a national park & other places we may not have gone otherwise.




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