Looking Back

Looking Back


In the past few years i have undergone several revisions of the website design. As many web designers do we like to change our minds & always want to display our work in the best way possible. The design which you are currently viewing now includes a complete revamp, in regards to branding, content, services & portfolio.


Below are a few screenshots of old designs of the website, which have been used in the past.



2014 Design


Just before I went travelling, I knew that a new updated portfolio was necessary for when looking for work in Australia, so I minimised everything down to it’s simplest form & making sure a display of my work was at the forefront of the design.





2012 Design


This is essentially when I began doing freelance work on the side of working full time, the role at the time was working in-house as the businesses sole web designer & developer. From this point on my skills & expertise in different fields started to show & allowed me to specialise in certain areas which I found most comfortable. 



Prior to the above design, there was another which took place as I was still learning the very basics of coding in HTML & CSS. Also during the process of leaning the fundamentals of Photoshop, however unfortunately I no longer have the design saved, despite much effort in trying to find it!

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