Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

This is the most common question asked when starting a project, for all good reasons too. As each project is different you can never place a singular price due to the time & expertise needed to complete a certain project.


However as a ballpark figure I will usually take on projects which are around the £1,650 mark.  This isn’t to say your project may cost more or less but hopefully gives you more of an insight.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes, I have a hosting service which I use for many of my clients, hosting websites, and emails or even used to just transfer files. I am able to work towards your current hosting & domain setup too.

Do you provide email account setup?

Yes. I provide the ability to setup unlimited domain accounts as per your domain.

Can you register my domain?

Yes I can register the domain for you under your name, however would recommend doing this yourself with a reputable domain registrar. Your domain is associated with your business & can be used as an going asset.

Can I update my website myself?

Of course, I mostly use WordPress which is a very well-known CMS (Content Management System) for clients which allows for full control & is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I provide other methods of building your website so another CMS may be used depending on your preference or what I think will suit best for the project in hand.

How do I send regular email newsletters to my clients?

Many businesses often want to keep their clients in the know of new products or services they may have on offer. For this I use email marketing campaign software, which allows subscribers to be added to a database & emails to be distributed.  It allows for custom designs to be added, allowing me to design in accordance with your businesses brand.


It is common for there to be many questions asked upon starting a new project. I have listed the ones which are most commonly asked. On many occasions the answer is very project specific & there can’t be a one off answer for all.

As I provide a service which is very tailored to the client’s needs it’s a good thing when questions are asked, it shows true understanding of the project in hand but in some cases what is / not included.

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